Ko-kwal-alwoot–The Maiden of Deception Pass

I found this beautiful mer-themed story at Deception Pass State Park in the State of Washington, USA. It is translated from the language of the Samish Indians. Read the story of Ko-kwal-awoot.

My Inworld Shops

It’s great to buy things INSIDE Second Life! Marketplace has millions of items, but it’s the inworld shops that help make our virtual cities exciting places to be! The rent that creators and seller pay helps keep the dance clubs, concert halls, play spaces and everything else we love alive and active. Help us help you by visiting our actual shops!

My shop locations have and will change, but I’ll keep them up to date here! If you’re inworld, see if I’m on and IM me! I would love to meet you, model my clothes for you, and help you decide on the perfect outfit.

As of summer 2022, I have EIGHT inworld shops! (Updated August 15 2022)