Nights Out

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Watch the videos!

Sparkle and shimmer just don’t show up in still photos! So I make short videos to show you how the different colors look as you move.


  • Phryne Flapper Brocade Dress
  • AURA Minidress
  • INOA Microdress
  • Viking Chainmail Microdress
  • Starry Sky (Original and Sparkling) Sweater
  • Metallic Jumpsuit (Updated November 2021)

The PHRYNE Flapper Brocade Dress

I had so much fun making this! And even more wearing it! The dress is named for Phryne Fisher of the “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” novels and TV series, and that lady detective would LOVE being out and about in Melbourne looking like this.

It’s made for Maitreya Lara in seven colors for just L$85 each, with a shimmering brocade texture like I’ve never seen anywhere before.

Watch the short video to see how it looks dancing, and find my Phryne Flapper Brocade Dress in all my shops and on Marketplace!

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SPARKLE: you will not see sparkle, or any other reflections, in SL unless the Advanced Lighting Model is turned on in your viewer! Go to Preferences > Graphics and check the box. If you have a slow computer or connection you may not be able to leave this on all the time, but you should try it when you buy something new or when you visit a new place! The difference will blow you away.

En Yo! AURA Minidress for Maitreya

I’ve been fascinated with hexagonal cellular textures that I’ve seen on some clothing in SL, and decided to do my own original take on it. This dress comes in 9 colors and the little spikes around the collar give it a tiny bit of extra kick!

This dress is only for Maitreya Lara and I sell each color for just L$77.

See all the colors in this short video on YouTube!
Find it in my Marketplace shop

En Yo! INOA Microdress — NOW for Maitreya, Belleza Freya/Isis/Venus, Slink Physique/Hourglass, and Tonic Fine/Curvy!

  • I created this dress at the request of a SL/RL jazz vocalist. Inoa (ee-NO-ah) is a translation of her name, and she truly inspired this glittering, tight, tiny dress!
  • I’ve made the Inoa in 8 color combinations. There are four fabrics (Red, Gold, Blue and Purple) that sparkle in white, and I’ve also made it in black with four colors of sparkle (Copper, Silver, Pink and Blue).
  • I sell each version for just L$74 because everyone deserves a great cocktail dress!
  • Sparkle doesn’t show up in photos! So watch this 1-minute video to choose your color!
  • NEW END OF JUNE: the Inoa is available with a 1-inch Rainbow Pride strip around the hem, but only in my Christopher Street shop (and still only Maitreya).

    En Yo! INOA Microdress in Marketplace

(Like short dresses? ALSO take a look at my QUILLA dress over on the Biker Girls Collection page!)

En Yo! VIKING Chainmail Microdress for Maitreya

This is a variation on my Inoa microdress. I call it the Viking for its chain mail texture! It is a softer shimmer than the Inoa; it also looks very different close up than from far away. (The silver dresses REALLY look like chain mail! You’ll be out there ready for some real danger…)

I sell this in Gold, Red and Purple for L$78 each. The three silver versions (like you see on the right) have a very subtle difference in the reflections, so I sell them as a 3-pack for just L$115!

See the 6 VIKING color choices in this short video on YouTube.

VIKING Microdress on Marketplace

En Yo! STARRY SKY Sweater/Jacket for Maitreya OR Fitmesh

The texture for this sweater comes from an actual photo of the night sky! I make it with 6 different trim colors; you can buy them individually for L$75 or all together in a Fatpack for L$300; that’s 6 for the price of 4!

I sell these EITHER for Maitreya Lara OR a Fitmesh version that fits just about anything using the included alpha. Click the links below to see them in Marketplace:

NEW IN JUNE 2021: a sparkling version of Starry Sky that REALLY twinkles! 5 colors; each is L$93 or all 5 in a Fatpack for L$370–you get one free. Just like the original one, you can buy this in EITHER Maitreya Lara or Fitmesh 5 sizes.

As always, photos do NOT show sparkle! So I’ve made a 34-second video to show you how it looks. (Without the Advanced Lighting Model turned on in Graphics Preferences, this one has the same pretty pattern as the original.)

Starry Sky Sparkling (all versions) for Maitreya and FItmesh in Marketplace

En Yo! Metallic Jumpsuit

UPDATED IN NOVEMBER 2021! The reflections are WAY deeper now than before. You have to watch the 90-second video to see what I mean!

Here’s my shiny-but-SO-comfortable Metallic Jumpsuit! I’ve woven deep, fascinating patterns into the threads of this fabric. And the shoes are gorgeous matching high heel platforms with gold chains up to the ankle. The outfit is priced at L$99 or get all six for L$395!
For Maitreya Lara.

Metallic Jumpsuit (all versions plus Fatpack) in Marketplace

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