¡En YO! for Men

I’ve had my men’s La Habana Guayabera Shirt for a long time. But it’s time to start expanding this collection!

ETOILE Leather Pants

I received a request for some leather pants that were not too shiny and not too tight. These are a little bit snug but I wouldn’t call them stretched. I make them in 8 deep colors for 5 bodies.

GET THE DEMO especially if your body is different from these! I tried them with one of the “first time login” mesh bodies and they worked great.

I sell these for L$99 each, or save 25% with the Fatpack!

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LA HABANA Guayabera Shirt

The Guayabera is the single essential mens garment in Cuba and southeastern Mexico. It is worn for everything — even the Mexican President wears one when visiting the region. (Very practical–it’s too hot for suits and ties!) The best are made of fine linen.

A guayabera can be long- or short-sleeved, have a collar or no, have anywhere from zero to 4 pockets. But it must always have the fine pleats down the front and fine guayaberas often have detailed embroidery. It is never worn tucked in!

I sell La Habana (the official name of the Cuban capital city) as a package of the Fitmesh 5 sizes in three color combinations for L$249.

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