PBR Creations

This page will be about my experiments and creations with the new PBR Materials! PBR is Physically-Based Rendering — that probably means as much to you as it does to me, but it’s a new (to SL) way of applying textures to objects that makes them far more realistic, especially when it comes to how they reflect light and cast shadows. We can actually have working mirrors in SL now! Sort of, anyway.

Even once all current viewers are PBR capable, that doesn’t mean every SL Resident will have updated when they should! And I don’t know yet what PBR will do to viewer speed, or what turning down the Graphics Quality will do to PBR; and I’m sure that will change over time.) So anything I make will also look good in non-PBR viewers. (Besides, sometimes the non-PBR item looks better! For starters, in really dark locations they practically turn black.)

Here are the items in my shops and MP now! Click each one to see it on the right page here at EnyoShop.com:

This photo shows a couple of important things. First is obvious: PBR changes drastically when the light changes! It is affected mostly by the SKY, even if you’re in a building with a roof.

The other thing is–I got back the 3D details (like the stitching around the bust)! But the special coloring I did on the original Montana dress is gone. See the difference below:

Here’s the dress–normal viewer at left; PBR viewer on the right.

On February 28, I placed my first PBR dress in the shops and Marketplace! Jalisco-XP is only for Maitreya LaraX and available in 8 colors for L$99.

See Jalisco-XP on Marketplace
Watch the 8-color video demo on YouTube

I hope you’ll come along with me on this adventure! This page is not about creating the original materials (those folks have knowledge and software that are beyond me). But it IS about how SL texturing creators can use them and (Very Important) about how YOU will wear and use things made from them — what to expect and not expect, and (sometimes) how to adjust your environment to make them look the way you want. (See my Reflection Probes video!)

The best place to go is my Flickr PBR Album! I have some videos on my YouTube Channel too, but Flickr has the photo montages and more explanation, (and they don’t make you watch an ad first!).

In this image I try to tie it all together! Here are the 6 colors of my new Annye-P suit, seen in the four standard SL times of day. I’m on the roof of my houseboat, open to the sky, with no other lights around. (You can see a higher-resolution PNG version on my Flickr.