It’s time for ¡En YO! Shoes and Boots to have their own page! Some items will also show on the pages they lived before.

On This Page:

  • Auray Sparkling & Auray-P PBR Ankle Boot Combo Pack (Maitreya Lara/LaraX)
  • Rayne Sparkling & Rayne-P PBR Platform Ruched Boot (Fitmesh SML)
  • BFF Sparkling & BFF-P PBR Ankle Boot (most bodies)
  • Hive Cellular Ankle Boot (most bodies)
  • Cleo Sparkling & Helena PVC Thighboots (made for Maitreya Lara; try demo for your LaraX)

Auray Sparkling & Auray-P PBR Ankle Boot

This is a great bootie with a shiny silver zipper on the outside. There’s sparkly texturing on both, but you REALLY have to see the video to see how these will look on you! You get both pairs in the box for L$129. Made for Maitreya Lara/LaraX. Learn more about PBR on my PBR Creations page!
BUY the Auray/Auray-P Combo Pack on Marketplace!

Rayne Sparkling & Rayne-P PBR Platform Ruched boot

The Rayne and Rayne-P PBR are just FUN to wear with anything! But Rayne was made especially for dresses with horizontal wrinkles like the Daria, Miel and Sindra on the Nights Out page and Rayne-P to wear with those and any of my shiny PBR minidresses!

Rayne comes in an 11-color-combination Fatpack for L$199. Rayne-P has 9 versions to choose from at L$59 each. (The Chrome boot comes in both smooth and sequined; please watch the video!)

Both come in the Fitmesh Small/Med/Large sizes. They should work on nearly any mesh or even a classic system body with either your body HUD or the included alpha, but try the DEMO first so you know they will work on you!
Watch the Rayne and Rayne-P videos to see how these look in motion!
Find Rayne & Rayne-P in Marketplace

BFF Sparkling & BFF-P PBR Ankle Boots

This ankle boot was made at my request by one of SL’s finest mesh sculptors! This elegant-but-sexy bootie goes great with short dresses and skirts, but really knocks it out with the jumpsuit just below this listing!
This boot fits Belleza, Erika, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, Reborn and Slink, so it probably fits YOU!
L$99 for one, L$499 for all EIGHT colors!
Watch the short video on YouTube
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BFF-P is the very first En Yo! PBR Materials item available for sale! As you see in the photo, they were first sold at the SL Living Expo with all the Lindens donated to Relay For Life. I also featured them at the RFL Fashion Fair in February 2024. They are now in my shops in TEN mirroring colors!
(Remember, when you wear PBR, how they look is dependent on the viewer used by the avs seeing you, NOT by the one you use! Lots more info on my PBR Creations page.

Hive Cellular Ankle Boot

Here’s the same design as the BFF but with a beehive honeycomb texture that complements my AURA dress shown on the Nights Out page!

Like the BFF, it fits Belleza, Erika, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, Reborn and Slink!

See all NINE colors in motion on YouTube or
Find it on Marketplace

Cleo Sparkling & Helena PVC Vinyl Thighboots
(both for Maitreya Lara / LaraX)

Full disclosure: these are not “made especially for LaraX” boots–they were originally made for Lara. But I’ve tested them on several avs and they worked perfectly. Still, TRY THE DEMO to make sure they will work for your shape! The spool heel base is about an inch square, curving out from the end of the thin shaft.

I make Cleo in 6 colors with a deep sparkling texture; Helena comes in 8 colors of shining PVC vinyl. Each color in either boot is only L$69.

Watch the short video to see how they look in motion!

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