Biker Girls

Visit my Merfolk page to see my new Leather MerBiker tails, made especially for the fantastic Aquarius Underwater Mercycle from JFC!


These is not the jeans, chaps and vest that have been around for decades! If you’re ready to try some new designs, fabrics and colors to wear on or off your bike, scroll down! (And see all my biker videos on YouTube!)


  • Montana-P / Bronx-P Outfit Pack in PBR Materials
  • Onyx and Onyx-P Riding Suit
  • Ushuaia PVC Dress
  • Annye, Erin and new Annye-P PBR Biker/Space Suits
  • Rayne Rushed Spike-heel Platform Boots
  • 25th Century Victorian Biker Suit and Boots
  • Diamond Dust & Obsidian Dust Sparkling Biker Suits
  • Montana Patent Leather Dress
  • Quilla Sparkling Leather Minidress
  • Route 9 Divas Jacket/Dress/Tights/Boots Full Biker Outfit

MONTANA-P / BRONX-P Outfit Pack in PBR Materials

This brilliant combination comes in 8 colors! It is made for Maitreya Lara. (The boots work on LaraX if you wear a knee-length dress, but they’re not made for X.) With a non-PBR viewer they are in shiny PVC and still look great!
The combo pack is only L$149 in my Mainstore and shops.
Watch the little video to see them in motion!
See Montana-P/Bronx-P in Marketplace

ONYX and ONYX-P PBR Riding Suits

(Photo shows the Onyx-P PBR version.) I sell the fantastic Onyx suit for L$89 in the normal shiny texture with a 10-color Fatpack at just L$249, or Onyx-P at L$89 for each of 6 colors. All for Maitreya Lara. Be sure to read more about PBR clothing on my PBR Creations page.
See Onyx/Onyx-P in Marketplace
Watch the Onyx-P demo video on Flickr
Watch the original Onyx demo video on Flickr


This dress was created after a visit to Ushuaia, Argentina, the world’s southernmost city. Ushuaia is a gateway for travelers to Patagonia, Antarctica and the Tierra del Fuego region. Glaciers and icebergs, like the one you see in the photo are everywhere! It’s in 11 colors for only L$89!

Ushuaia was designed to complement my ¡En YO! Helena PVC Thighboots that you’ll find on the Footwear page.

See Ushuaia in motion on YouTube (Like the song, sung in Dutch? View with English lyrics.)

Find Ushuaia on Marketplace

ANNYE, ERIN and new PBR Annye-P Biker/Space Suits

Biker Suit? Space Suit? Superhero? Take your choice and use these great suits for Maitreya Lara any way you want!
Erin has a cellular texture, Annye is smooth leather. They are all black, with 5 different colored trim and belts in the box.
Annye-P goes all out with the mirrored shine of PBR!
(In all cases, the belt is a separate mesh item. You can mix and match the colors with the Suits, leave it off altogether, or even try it with other skin-tight outfits.)

The 5-color Fatpack Annye is L$239; Erin is L$279. Annye-P has 6 colors at L$99 each.

RAYNE & RAYNE-P PBR ruched spike-heel platform boots

I’ve moved the description of my RAYNE and new RAYNE-P boots in PBR Materials over to the FOOTWEAR page.

25th CENTURY VICTORIAN Suit and Boots

When I made this suit, I never realized how perfect it would be for a long road trip!  Then I got a motorcycle and it all fell into place. This suit is Fitmesh for Maitreya, meaning you may have to use your body HUD to adjust your alpha layer. **NOTE: I’ve tried this suit on multiple mesh bodies and even on a system body, and it works perfectly for me on all of them. If you have a different body, send me a message and we can see if it works for you.

DIAMOND DUST and OBSIDIAN DUST Sparkling Biker Suits

Imagine riding your bike and driving into a cloud that turns out to be the fine dust from an explosion in a diamond factory? That’s the idea behind my new Diamond Dust and Obsidian Dust versions of the original suit! Still photos don’t do these justice, so take a 20-second look at this short YouTube video.

  • Diamond Dust comes in 4 colors with matching textured midcalf boots for L$135, or the Fatpack for L$405.
  • Obsidian Dust suits are all black but the sparkle is in four different colors; this comes only as the Fatpack with the boots in black for L$395.

MONTANA Patent Leather Dress

I’ve got this in my Biker collection because it’s patent leather. But it’s a fantastic dress for dancing! This L$84 Maitreya Lara dress comes in 7 colors; plus the Copper color shown here has a second version where the shading runs horizontally.

See all 8 dresses in motion on YouTube!

Buy them on Marketplace or in my inworld shops!

I’ve done PBR experiments on Montana! See the PBR Creations Page.

QUILLA Leather & Sparkling Minidress

QUILLA was the Moon Goddess (and protector of women) of the ancient Inca civilization, and I made this dress at the same time I was building my MUSEO INCA at Christopher Street. The front and wide belt are leather; the trim and are sparkling fabric in a complementary color, and there’s a steel chain (which is what put this dress in the Biker Girls Collection). The dress is L$72 or all four for L$230 and is made for Maitreya Lara and Slink Physique & Hourglass.

To see the sparkle, view this 80-second video.

Quilla Minidress in Marketplace or visit my En Yo! shops!

ROAD 9 DIVAS Leather Jacket Full Outfit

Get out and RIDE, girl! (Or just find a nice urban dance club)

My Road 9 Divas leather jacket screamed for a full outfit, so here it is! For right now it’s just for Maitreya but I will soon have at least pieces of it in Fitmesh as well. These are the same boots as in the 25th Century Victorian outfit above. Buy it in Marketplace or visit my En Yo! shop inworld!