Long Gowns

Hot night ahead, but in a short dress or a sexy jumpsuit? Try the Nights Out page!

Watch the videos!

Sparkle and shimmer just don’t show up in still photos! So I make short videos to show you how the different colors look as you move.


  • Sereia and Sereia-P PBR Laced Mermaid Dress
  • Carina Tango Dress
  • Chapala Sparkling Gown with heels
  • Starlight PVC Vinyl Gown
  • Belle Isle Sparkling Gown with heels
  • Gypsy Shimmering Gown
  • Grand Boulevard Gown with heels

The SEREIA Laced Mermaid Dress

My SEREIA (“mermaid” in Portuguese) mermaid gown is perfect for formal occasions!

Take a close look at the texturing on this gown. The upper part has lots of detail in the stitching and laced belt. The hexagon cellular texture is applied to the entire gown except the bodice.

I make this gown for 6 bodies in 8 colors. View the 1-minute video to see how these look in motion!

Purchase Sereia in Marketplace or my inworld En Yo! Shops!

The SEREIA-P PBR Mermaid Dress

Adding brilliant PBR materials gives you Sereia-P. I make this for Maitreya Lara and Slink Hourglass in TEN colors for L$129 each.
REMEMBER: PBR materials are very sensitive to your environment! You’ll have fun seeing the changes as you move from place to place.
See and buy Sereia-P in Marketplace!
Watch the short video to see how it looks in motion!

The CARINA Tango Dress

Every since my first visit to the Tango With Nottoo sim, I’ve wanted a dress to really do it right! I make my sparkling Carina for 7 bodies in 11 color combinations so you can find just the right one!

Carina sells for only L$89! See it on YouTube; purchase in Marketplace or in my ¡En Yo! Shops inworld!


Chapala is almost a mermaid dress, but I think it flares out a bit more gradually than most. The gown sparkles beautifully when you move, and the pearls are incredibly elegant. Chapala is named for the largest natural lake in Mexico, a beautiful expanse south of Guadalajara.

Chapala is available for Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya/Venus/Isis and Slink Physique/Hourglass and comes with complementary platform heels for L$105. (Sorry, the heels are Maitreya only. but you’ve GOT shoes, girl!)

I make Chapala in NINE color combinations of fabric and sparkle! Click the link to see them all on my Marketplace store, or come and visit my shops! That’s WAY more fun anyway!


En Yo! Chapala Gown with heels for Maitreya/Belleza/Slink in Marketplace


Take the Chapala and remake it in stretchy, shining PVC Vinyl and you’ve got my Starlight gown! (This version has stitching around the breasts not needed for the fabric Chapala gown.)

So far, only for Maitreya Lara; others coming soon!

See all 6 colors in motion on YouTube!

See it in Marketplace


  • These gorgeous sparkling gowns are named for Belle Isle park, a Detroit municipal park in the middle of the Detroit River between the USA and Canada. Belle Isle has always been a place where newly married couples go to take their first photos! (The photo at right shows the Detroit skyline from Canada at sunset.)
  • The Belle Isle gown is currently available only for Maitreya Lara, and comes with complementary matching platform heels for L$109.
  • I make this breathtaking gown in NINE color combinations of fabric and sparkle! (Not all the same as the Chapala.) Click the link to see them all on my Marketplace store.

En Yo! Belle Isle Gown with heels for Maitreya in Marketplace

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SPARKLE: you will not see sparkle, or any other reflections, in SL unless the Advanced Lighting Model is turned on in your viewer! Go to Preferences > Graphics and check the box. If you have a slow computer or connection you may not be able to leave this on all the time, but you should try it when you buy something new or when you visit a new place! The difference will blow you away.

The GYPSY Gown

The Belle Isle is all sparkle, and the Grand Boulevard below is a more velvety texture. GYPSY is in between, a softer shimmer that still jumps out when you move! Don’t fail to watch the video of this one to see what I mean.

(Grab one of the others to get the free heels!)


En Yo! Grand Boulevard Cellular Gown Maitreya in Marketplace

  • I created this CELLULAR gown to wear for seriously elegant nights. My SL shop is across from the famous Nat’s Jazz Club, and this dress is exactly the right thing! This is Fitmesh for Maitreya; although made specifically for your Lara body, you may have to use your HUD to adjust the alphas. L$125 INCLUDES the gold chain platform heels! (The image says L129, but it is now L125.)

I have five more colors of Grand Boulevard. These do not have the complex Cellular texture, nor the sparkle of the Belle Isle, and I sell them for L$99 with complementary platform heels (specially textured, of course). Take a look at these two photos and then click the link below to bring up my Marketplace store with all the Grand Boulevard gowns selected!

En Yo! Grand Boulevard Gowns in Marketplace