Lara-X Collection

The new Maitreya LaraX body was just released, and everybody wants clothes for it! I’ll be making some cute items as fast as I can, and I’ll put them on this page. (And please don’t worry about your Lara body–that will continue to be my main focus!)

NOW IN MARKETPLACE! Click here to pre-search for anything in my store labeled “LaraX”. (You must be logged in to MP to see the Tequila-X that is classified “Moderate.”)

REMEMBER: many clothes, especially items like my full biker suits that alpha out your entire body anyway, work just fine with LaraX! Take a look at the items on my Catsuits and Biker Girls pages.


  • Orohena-XP Lounging Dress
  • Nazca-X / XP Brilliant PBR Dresses
  • Campana-X Sparkling Dress
  • Adela-X and Keri-X Strappy Dresses
  • Selena-X Sequined Dress
  • Frenesi-X Sparkling Swimdress
  • Jalisco-X PVC Vinyl Dress (also called Tequila-X) and Jalisco-XP PBR Dress
  • Luna-X Starry Hanging-Strap Dress
  • Cleo Sparkling Thighboots
  • Helena PVC Shining Thighboots

Orohena-XP Lounging Dress

Inspired by Mount Orohena, the highest peak in French Polynesia. (It’s what the Goddess of the Mountain would wear to visit Her people. 🙂
For Maitreya LaraX, Reborn and Legacy! Wear the top and skirt together or separately! You get two tops; the shiny PBR worn in the photo and the shimmery one at the lower left. The skirt is my sparkly texture with a PBR gold chain. 4 colors at L$99 each.
See the video on Flickr! (This is a nice one.)
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Nazca-X / XP Dress

This is the same mesh model as the Campana-X below, but in 7 colors and a hexagonal cellular texture. There are two dresses in each box. You get Nazca-X with the normal texture that will look great in any viewer. AND the Nazca-XP (in the photo), which will reflect brilliantly in PBR-enabled viewers and look the same as Nazca-X in others. Both beautiful, both fun, both for L$139!
See the video on Flickr!
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Read more about PBR on my PBR Creations Page.

Campana-X Sparkling Dress

This dress is made in 6 colors and exclusively for Maitreya LaraX. It is priced at L$89.
The sparkle on this dress is a BRAND NEW TEXTURE for the new year 2024! Be sure to watch the video so you can see how it looks in motion.

You get TWO VERSIONS of this dress in the box! Testing the original (“SmlTop”) on a model with larger breasts showed the texture stretched out too much, so I made another one (“LgTop”). Use whichever you prefer!

See Campana-X in motion on YouTube!
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Adela-X and Keri-X Strappy Dresses

Here’s two different textures on the same mesh model, each in 5 colors priced at just L$79 each! (The colors are NOT all the same; these different reflective textures handle color very differently; I only choose the ones that work best.) As always, the best way to see these is on my short video on YouTube!
Find Adela-X and Keri-X in my inworld shops (where every sale donates half to the hosting sim) or in Marketplace! !

Selena-X Sequined Dress

How about a deep-V-cut dress with a chainmail sequined look for just L$69? Selena-X comes in Blue, Black, Red, Pink, Purple and Silver, all VERY intense.

Find Selena-X in my Mainstore! Remember ALL purchases there give 50% to the hosting Detroit City sim, home of the famous Nat’s Jazz Club!

See Selena-X in motion on YouTube

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Frenesi-X Sparkling Swimdress

Here’s my first LaraX dress, boxed and ready to go! This is the X version of my shining Frenesi swimdress. I make this in 5 colors, Red, Black, Indigo, Purple, and the iridescent Quintana Blue in the photo. Just L$59 each!

You need panties or a pastie with this! It’s really REALLY short. I’m looking for something I can recommend.

See Frenesi-X in motion on YouTube

Find this in my Mainstore! ALL purchases there give 50% to the hosting Detroit City sim, home of the famous Nat’s Jazz Club! Or see all my LaraX items in my MP store.

Jalisco-X PVC Vinyl & Jalisco-XP PBR Dresses

Jalisco was one of my first dresses for Maitreya LaraX, and is THE first one with a PBR version!

How about a hot PVC vinyl dress with lots of detail up top? Try the new Jalisco-X in Black, Red, Pink, Purple and Quintana Blue. Only L$69 each!

Find this in my Mainstore! ALL purchases there give 50% to the hosting Detroit City sim, home of the famous Nat’s Jazz Club! Or see all my LaraX items in my MP store.

**MP NOTE! this dress was originally called “Tequila-X,” but that caused SL to classify it as MODERATE maturity level. Don’t buy both! (Tequila is the town where the drink is made; Jalisco is the state.)

Jalisco-XP adds the brand new PBR Materials in bright mirrored textures! As of late February 2024 you will only see this texture in the official SL or Firestorm Beta viewers; otherwise you see it exactly as the Jalisco-X (but this one is in 8 colors).
Jalisco-XP is priced at L$99 and only for LaraX.
There’s a lot to know about wearing PBR clothing! Take a look at the PBR Creations page of this Website, and click into the Flickr and YouTube channels from there; you’ll learn a lot about this latest revolution in fashion.
Watch the 8-color demo video on YouTube!
Find Jalisco-XP in my Mainstore , some of the other
¡En Yo! shops or the Marketplace.

Luna-X Starry Hanging-strap Dress

Luna-X is a cute little dress that’s held up with straps–except it isn’t! The straps hang down the sides under your arms instead. And the texture on the dress is thousands of tiny shimmering stars, as you see in this closeup photo! Six colors, each just L$69!

See Luna-X in motion on YouTube

Find Luna-X in my Mainstore! Or see all my LaraX items in my MP store.

Cleo Sparkling Thighboots

Full disclosure: these are not “made especially for LaraX” boots–they were originally made for Lara. But I’ve tested them on several avs and they worked perfectly (the flared top means it is not tight to your thigh). TRY THE DEMO to make sure they will work for your shape! The heel base is about an inch square, curving out from the end of the thin heel.

I make Cleo in 6 colors with a deep sparkling texture; each one is only L$69.

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Helena Shining PVC Thighboots

These boots are the same mesh model as Cleo–if those fit then these will too, so try the same demo as Cleo to make sure!

Helena was created with the same color gradations as my Montana Biker Dress! So I’ve packaged them separately for L$69 or buy each color in a special L$129 discount pack with the matching Montana!

Find the Helena and Helena/Montana package on Marketplace

Check out the Montana minidress on Marketplace (Here’s the Montana video!)